Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The Evolution of a Holistic Veterinarian, Continued

The previous blog article ended in 2007. In early January of 2008, we had a meeting in Waukon, Iowa with the Impro folks and with Jim and Gwen Helfter, the owners of Advanced Biological Concepts of Osco, Illinois. We were hoping to be able to combine the sales efforts for Impro and ABC Mineral, but alas, it was not to be. Impro proposed so many unattainable stipulations, it was obvious such a relationship would never survive.  I immediately resigned from Impro and became a full-time employee of ABC.
It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I had worked with Impro for 23 years. It had been a good experience. The folks there are fine people. We accomplished many good things for the company and for the clients that we served. 

My experience with cafeteria-style mineral feeding began in  the early 1960s when I fed similar products to my own small group of animals. The products were made by the long defunct “Morea” company in Crete, Nebraska. A small feed store next to my clinic handled the products and many of my clients used them. Thus, I was able to observe their value in many different circumstances. These and other experiences over the years made my association with ABC a ‘natural’ match.

Advanced Biological Concepts is the premier manufacturer and distributor of cafeteria style minerals and many other nutritional products for the organic livestock industry.

Unfortunately, Jim Helfter, the founder and CEO of Advanced Biological Concepts passed away October 26, 2014 while out riding a horse — a fitting exit for a great man who loved horses.   His wife, Gwen Helfter, is now the CEO of Advanced Biological Concepts and is doing a great job carrying on the tradition of excellence started by Jim many years ago.  I have been gratified to be able to continue my association with ABC, although on a more limited basis since my move to Idaho.

Finally, here is a summary of my veterinary activities over the years.
  • 1959 to 1984: I was basically in a one man, all species vet practice.  I did a lot of ‘grunt’ work — dehorning, castrations, and vaccinations. If called to treat a sick animal, I would use conventional drugs and therapies — treating the symptoms. 
  • 1984 - 2008:  During this time I was gradually phasing into more holistic thinking, but in essence I was still treating symptoms, only now with so-called holistic treatments and practices.  
  • 2008 to present:  I believe animal and human health depend on good nutrition, especially mineral balance.  All metabolic processes are controlled by enzymes which have minerals and trace minerals as their core.  Linus Pauling, (1901-1994), the only person to win two unshared Nobel prizes, said, “You can trace every disease and every infection to a mineral deficiency from unequally yoked energy fields.” There are many others. 
Suffice it to say that maintaining mineral balance is the basic and ultimate act of preventing disease.  I am happy to have been part of the enlightenment this concept has brought into much of our agricultural thinking today.

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